Under the plot, a land plot of 0.8 hectares will be used, located in the center of the village of Ak-Terek, almost entirely located in the water protection zone, unsuitable for use by PHP or Farm. Currently, the site is abandoned, empty.

Planted trees and shrubs will daily saturate the air with oxygen and create a favorable climate. The inconvenience will turn into a local square and a place for walking and relaxing for residents of the village of Ak-Terek.

Planting material grown under the project can be used to expand the grove and for landscaping other sites in the village.

Number of trees – 1 761 pcs.

Species - various types of poplars, willow, shrubs.

The area of the developed territory is 0.8 ha.

Unique attraction

Placing over 20 species and hybrids in a small area of 0.8 hectares will allow creating a living museum of poplars, the only one in Kazakhstan. And it is justified and historically. Toponyms of the area - Uzynagash and Аk Terek - eloquently speak about the history of the place. In the memory of the people it is “Tall Tree”, “White Poplar”. It is in our power to return the historical image to the region, to fill the old names with meaning.