In the territory of “Aport Mall”, as part of a reforestation project, 800 seedlings of poplar of 3 m height for a forest belt and about 5000 cuttings previously treated with protective compounds were planted. A partner poplar nursery has been created on the basis of Aport Mall to demonstrate the possibilities of planting an industrial forest and propagating planting stock. For design, mapping methods using an unmanned aerial vehicle and Drone Deploy software were used.


The project became possible in consequence of the joint work of the Science Foundation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh Research Institute of Plant Protection and Quarantine, the Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, with the co-financing of Eurasia Agro Holding LLP. Implementation and scientific support is carried out under the strict guidance of experts of KazRIPPQ. The seedlings used on the territory were grown in the nursery of the Institute using the technology of microclonal propagation, which eliminates the formation of poplar fluff.